Fiera V2 for Her Plus Remote REVIEW

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Another CES (Consumer Electronics Show) has come and gone, transforming Las Vegas into a world of tech. Last year, while attending the CES Showstoppers event, I had the pleasure of meeting with the team from Nuelle, Inc. As a company focusing on the health and wellness of women, they introduced the world to the Fiera device. This was the world’s first “scientifically proven wearable libido-enhancing technology to help women prepare for sexual intimacy, naturally.” It is important to restate that this device is not a vibrator, nor a sex toy. It does not rely on a medication or chemical. Rather, it is a consumer device designed to enhance sexual relationships.

Nuelle, Inc. strives to improve the lives of women and they are passionate about women’s health. As a Family Physician, one of the hardest topics for patients to discuss is sexual health (both genders). It may be easy to state that this is more difficult due to the fact that I am a male physician. However, I have talked with female colleagues who report the same issues. Nobody wants to talk about sex, menopause, life changes, nor the stressors that these changes place onto the individual/relationship. Unfortunately, many women are even less likely to talk about their sexual health, than their male counterparts. There are commercials on TV that state there are options to help men. It may be that women feel that there is nothing that can be done. Or, they may just be too shy to talk about it.

If I learned anything from the Nuelle team, it was about the strength of education. In fact, my previous review of the fiera has helped to change the way that I talk with my patients during their well visits. I have incorporated sexual health into every one of my adults well visits. The number one question that I ask all of my patients is: Are you happy with your sex life? I have found that this makes the topic less taboo and helps them to feel that they do not have some kind of problem. Additionally, the open-ended approach seems to open the door for discussion and helps to at least lead them to reading materials. Luckily, this is another strength of the Nuelle, inc. team.

Talking with Dr. Leah Millhieser again at CES 2017 Showstoppers, I was able to learn about the newest product from the company. This year the Fiera has been enhanced with the addition of a remote control, which further helps to enhance the couples nature of the device. It was not enough to create/sell a device, they wanted to show scientifically that it worked. Utilizing 100 couples (25–75 years old), Nuelle, Inc. conducted research using their latest device and K-Y Ultragel lubricant. The following results were realized: 97% were more physically aroused, 89% were more in the mood, 93% felt excited and ready for sex, 96% looked forward to partner intimacy, 87% felt as ready as their partner. Prior studies also showed that 87% of women felt increased desire and 67% experienced an increase in lubrication (Fiera device without remote).

The product is shipped in a rectangular pink box with similar phrasing to that of the original Fiera: 1. “spark desire (Fiera helps get you in the mood, so you can enjoy the lasting benefits of intimacy,” 2. embrace intimacy (Fiera prepares your body before physical intimacy so you’re ready to get closer. Within the packaging, you will get the Fiera V2, a magnetic charging cable, the new and improved premium case and 2 SofSense rings. The quick user manual shows you just about everything that one could need for this device. You are instructed in proper charging options, how to attach the SofSense Ring, the use of a water-based lubricant and to cleanse the device plot use with soap/water without submerging it. If you need additional information, peruse the very informative user guide.

To charge the device, simply insert the wall plug into the outlet and then place the magnetic charger onto the Fiera. On the bottom of the Fiera is the white power button. Press the button and note a LED will turn on just above this. The LED have different meanings based on the color that is shown. Blinking Green/solid green LED=charing/Charged, Solid Red=Needs to be charged, Blinking Red=Over-Heated. The device will charge in about 2 hours and should be charged after each use, to ensure it is ready for the following use. Each initial kit will come with a clear SofSense ring (deep cup) and a white-rimmed SofSense ring (shallow cup). Learn which one works best for you and then order additional rings. The majority of women felt that the clear ring was superior for them. Nuelle Inc. expects each ring to last 3–5 uses and that further uses may still be possible, but may not be as effective.

How does the device work? Through a mixture of vibration and suction, the Fiera enhances blood flow to the clitoris within about 5–15 minutes of use. The science proven device (data in previous review), promotes blood flow to the clitoris, which is one of the leading factors required to ready the body for sex. One of the biggest strengths of the device is in the hands-free suction combined with vibration. Spread the outer labia, place the Fiera over the clitoris and press down to create a seal. You should add water or a water-based lubricant to produce the seal with the Clitoris region. You will feel pulsing and the LED will bling pink while the device forms a seal with the body. Reading many reviews about the device, many state that there is a learning curve to the suction. Once you learn how to do it, there is no issue. The outer labia will rest on the device and it will remain in place, hands-free. The LED will change from blinking pink to solid pink and then it will change from a pulse to a constant stimulation. The user can adjust the settings as desired to promote increased intimacy. When worn for 5–15 minutes, adjusting the settings to personal preference, remove the device and it will automatically turn off.

I have previously detailed the buttons and the function of the Fiera. To quickly summarize, the device has 3 main buttons, a mode/pattern setting and a +/- intensity button. It was recommended to leave the device hands free to enjoy partner intimacy, except when changing the mode/pattern. The Fiera remote now provides some extra customization and allows the partner to get involved as well. The product comes with 2 included AAA batteries, which will require installing. This was very easy and straightforward. I do wish that the remote was rechargeable as well, to reduce environmental waste.

The remote has three buttons, similar to the Fiera device. You can change the pattern and increase/decrease intensity without having to touch the Fiera. The devices come pre-paired and did not require any type of sync. The very helpful instruction manual details the steps necessary, should you need to re-pair the devices.

In addition to the remote enhancement, the product is now shipped in a premium case, rather than the previous drawstring bag. The case is very discrete and resembles an eyeglasses case or makeup bag. It weighs roughly 7.7 ounces with all of the accessories (without the manuals). The case is a gray coloration with pink accent and has form cut outs across the bottom for the device, the charging cube with folding A type wall prongs(2 vertical USA outlet) and the remote. Across the top, is a mesh compartment, which will store the magnetic charging cable, SofSsense rings and an extra pair of AAA batteries.

The device is really neat and has a great deal of promise to ladies who are struggling with libido/healthy sexual life. Since it requires no prescription, anyone can purchase the device. It is rechargeable and thus is less dependent upon finding batteries (except the remote). It is made of body-safe materials (phthalate-free) and is designed to be hands-free, as stated above. In addition to producing the Fiera and fiera+remote, Nuelle Inc. provides reliable health information to their subscribers, to further reduce the taboo nature of sexual health and intimacy. One of the biggest complaints I have come across is the cost of the device and that cheap vibrators work also. This device is not meant to cause orgasm, nor is it intended for individual play. As a couples device, it is designed to increase the bond, increase the frequency of connections and in some instances to heighten the orgasm you would have had with your partner anyway. The device is a little costly at $199 for the Fiera or $249 for the fiera+remote. Again, it is important to think of this device as an investment in your relationship.

As a male, I cannot comment on the utility, as I cannot use the device. My wife did not feel comfortable testing the device. She asked if I would write about the experience and she really did not want her personal information available for everyone to review. I believe in the Nuelle Inc. team and feel that their goal is noble. I encourage you to look at to learn more about this device. I read their educational material regularly, I have talked with a variety of females, who have used the device and I have reviewed multiple online stories.

One of my favorite aspects of technology is when the tech solves a problem. If this sounds like it may be a solution for you, please learn more about them through their website at, through Amazon, Amazon Canada, Dermstore and more. I am very pleased that I have a scientifically tested device that offers hope for women who want more intimacy with their partner.

You will need to purchase additional SofSense rings and you will get a 20% off coupon when you register the product. There are many informative instructional videos available on

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Mac Sources is an Information and Technology Company. We review all things technology-related. Our team also reports on tech news happening in the world. 