Evutec Northill Series iPhone Case REVIEW Enjoy Feature Function and Fashion

Evutec, a portmanteau of evolution and technology, provided more than just a silly play on words, combining tech with fashion. The Northill series case arrived in a 7 1/2 inches tall by 4 3/4 inches wide by 1 1/2 inches thick pristine white retail case. Along the cover, they provided an attractive 4 1/2 inches tall by 1 5/8 inches wide slightly raised, glossy image of the Brigandine/Lava case. Along the bottom right of the cover, you will find an image of the phone resting atop a magnetic vent mount. The packaging noted the inclusion along the right side of the cover and further detailed the features of the case along the bottom edge. Excitedly, we should expect an AFIX+ vent mount, wireless charging capabilities, and military grade drop protection. I was pleased with the packaging and felt that the company did a great job using the available canvas. Instead of crowding the cover, the company provided a five-language summary of the features on the left panel. The back panel was presented in three sections. The upper third listed the same three icons as the cover, the middle third provided a bilingual paragraph about the Northill series cases and the bottom third provided four images of the mount, outside/inside of the case and a side view.

I enjoyed the back cover and despite being busy, was not an eyesore. I am a fan of exploded/labeled diagrams and Evutec did a great job detailing the features of their case. Combining high quality/premium leather along the bottom, with scratch resistant fabric along the top, the case was designed to be a focus of attention. The diagram further detailed the hidden metallic plates, EVUSOF+ advanced drop protection, internal honeycombed 3D structure, and the non-slip grooves etched into the outside of the case. Returning to the cover, I lifted the magnetic flap and found the same four labeled diagrams on the inside cover. I was a little disappointed that the diagrams were reused, as this was not a good use of the packaging. As a consumer, I like to peruse the packaging to learn about my new toy. Why would we want to see the same exact images more than once? As a cost-conscious individual, we all could have saved money on the product, packaging and ultimately the retail price if the multi-colored, glossy imagery was not duplicated. I do not know how much it cost to print the duplicate diagrams, but that cost ultimately gets passed on to the consumer. My disappointment quickly dissipated when I realized that I was able to directly visualize the case through the transparent window and touch it through the raindrop shaped portal.

To access the case, cut the tape along the bottom of the packaging and slide the thin plastic tray downward. Along the top left of the tray (your top right), you will find the small black vent clip and in the middle, you will find the 5 13/16 inches tall by 3 inches wide by 7/16 inches thick case. The case was easily removed from the thin tray with gentle upward pressure. Beneath the case, Evutec included a 3 3/4 inches tall by 2 1/2 inches wide by 5/8 inches thick magnetic mount. The vent clip had two posterior clips that slid into access ports on the magnetic backing. Installation of the clip proved to be remarkably easy, align the holes and slide upward. If needed, Evutec included a set of instructions on the inside of the case. When testing the device, I set this down on my outdoor table and forgot that the table was metal. With a resounding “THUNK,” I realized my mistake. With the magnetic device affixed securely to the surface, I installed the magnetic vent clip and used this to pry the magnet from the table. Lesson learned! The magnet was strong.

Installation of the case proved to be just as easy as the vent clip. Thanks to the expertly placed cutouts for the lower lighting port, speakers, vertical camera and the volume toggle, I simply placed the right edge of my phone into the case and snapped it onto my phone. The case has raised, rubberized, buttons for the volume up/down and power button, which were just as responsive as the native buttons. This version of the case was designed specifically with the iPhone X in mind and was well designed. I loved the Brigandine/Lava coloration and the feel of the upper fabric against the smooth lower leather. I think my favorite visual feature was the junction between the materials. Specifically, I liked the V-shaped notch and the use of the fabric stitching on the leather surface. Even though the case was lightweight and served as a bumper style case, it had amazing curb appeal. The rubberized brown color, the etched grip-favoring surface of the top/bottom/sides, the color palette, the cutouts beautifully accented my iPhone X. The front bevel edges stuck up about 1mm from the surface of the phone, providing protection to the front glass. If scratches are a concern, you may consider a screen protector.

The case alone was beautiful, fit my phone like a glove and did not add much weight to the device. I was very pleased with the case and would have been happy if the spoils ended there. However, the inclusion of the magnetic mount and vent clip was a rather nice bonus feature. Installation of the vent mount to the magnetic face proved easy and was quite secure. By creating a snap-together mount, Evutec likely saved on packaging costs. I appreciated that they did not ship a bulky box since a more succinct system was possible. This cost-saving feature did not go overlooked. I love vent mounts but find that they do not stand up to repeated utility. As you install, remove and install the vent mount again, the rubberized tips start to break down. To test this, I added/removed the clip to my vent of my Chevy Silverado about 50 times. I was pleased that the mount held up and did not show any signs of tearing. Eventually, this will be a reality, but so far, the thick rubber stood up to the tests. The magnetic mount/vent clip weighed 3.2 oz and caused my vent to sag. I would have liked a lower support arm, to attach to the lower portion of the vent, similar to Ventev. Perhaps a similar feature will be added to the Evutec mount 2.0.

The magnetic attachment was strong and secure and did not move as I drove. I liked that the metallic plates were hidden within the case, as a built-in feature. Many of the metallic plate cases that I have tested became incredibly hot with wireless charging. I do not know if the hexagonal heat dissipation panel aided in keeping my iPhone X cool, but the case did not heat up while charging wirelessly. It is important to note that this kit is not a wireless charger and you will have to purchase one separately. If you do not like the included magnetic mount, or you have other mounts that you prefer, you can use this kit with those mounts.

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Originally published at macsources.com on August 13, 2018.



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