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Protect your iPhone 11 Pro with the Evutec AER-Sport Series magnetic case and enjoy hands -dfree utility with the included AFIX+ car vent mount.

There is a national push to decrease impaired driving. “ 20 states (D.C. Puerto Rico, Guam and US Virgin Islands) prohibit all drivers from using hand-held devices while driving (NCSL),” 38 States ban all cellphone use by novice drivers/teens, and 21 states prohibit use of cellphones by bus drivers. Interestingly 48/50 states have banned texting while driving. With COVID-19 restrictions lifting in some places and people starting to venture back out into their favorite destinations, we must consider what to do with our phones while driving. It is true that you can place the phone into a holster, onto your dash, or into your center console. Alas, if you have ever done this and stopped quickly, you realize that your expensive smartphone becomes a mini-missile. I cringe thinking about an unprotected/uncased iPhone in that very same scenario. For that reason, many people may choose a case/mount system for their devices. The Evutec AER-Sport Series case/mount combo may provide just the option you are looking for.

The Evutec AER-SPORT Series case plus Aria+ Magnetic Case arrived in a clean white retail hanging-style package with some visually applying splashes of lime green coloration on the cover. The cover panel provided the company name Evutec across the top right of the panel. The name, a portmanteau of “Evolutionary Technology,” was rather ingenious. Along the middle of the panel, you will find a vertically oriented, black-colored, iPhone 11 Pro case, which measured 6 3/8 inches tall by 1 1/2 inches wide. Additionally, within this middle section, you will find “AER-Sport Series Black Lime (in lime green font),” 10 feet drop protection, advanced composite material along the left, and iPhone 11 Pro (iPhone X & Xs Compatible) in bold black, and a large green star announcing the free car vent mount. Along the bottom of the panel, you will find “AFIX+ MAGNETIC CAR VENT MOUNT INCLUDED” in capital/bolded lettering. Lastly, along the bottom of the panel, you will find a lime-green rectangle with “MULTI-LAYER DROP PROTECTION” in the negative white space. I loved the cover art, the slightly raised glossy image of the phone case, and the highly-noticeable lime-green splashes of color.

Evaluating the side panels, the left side panel was left as a blank pristine white surface, while the right panel listed “DRIVE SAFE” in lime green, “CAR MOUNT INCLUDED” in large black font, a 10 feet drop protection icon, and the Evutec logo along the bottom right. I was impressed that the company provided so much negative space on their packaging, as this shows subtle confidence in their product. Instead of overwhelming the consumer with receptive information, icons, logos, and text, they said what they needed to and left the remainder au naturel. The back panel proved to be a little busier than the other covers, which is where most companies provide the lion-share of information. The Evutec logo was along the top left of the panel, followed by the AER-Sport Series Black Lime (in a lime-green colored font), AFIX+Magnetic Car Vent Mount icon, “WILL NOT AFFECT WIRELESS CHARGING” icon, and the “10 FEET DROP PROTECTION” icon. Below this section, you will find a paragraph detailing the construction, style, and information about the composite Karbon aramid fibers (5x stronger than steel).

Similar to the cover, the main focal point of the back panel was the midsection, with various labeled diagrams of their case/mount. The lateral view showed the ultra-rigid shell to keep your phone protected, the front-oblique angle showed the internal lime green surface and detailed the EVUSOF+ advanced drop protection maternal. Additionally, the image labeled the EVUTOUCH lining of the outer edge and noted that it was an advanced soft-touch coating. The reverse-oblique image showed the ribbed back surface of the phone, camera cutout, and lime green bubble accent along the bottom-right edge of the case. The panel labeled the Karbon advanced composite material and the hidden built-in magnetic inserts. Lastly, the panel showed the included magnetic mount car vent. Along the bottom of the panel, you will find information about the 1-year limited warranty, an SKU barcode, the www.evutec.com address, and Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/YouTube icons. The bottom panel established that the product was designed in USA but Made in China and then listed some trademark information about the logos/wording.

Returning to the cover, I was disappointed when I lifted the front flap and found that the company added the same images from the back panel. Beneath this, they provided some additional information about the design of the AFIX+ Magnetic Mount System and their goal to allow you to magnetically affix and wirelessly charge your phone without removing the case. Averting my gaze to the right, I was pleased to find a clear window with a small water-drop cutout. I absolutely love the ability to see/touch the product directly prior to purchasing it. As an example, the images of the back surface of the case suggested that the surface was ribbed. When i touched the surface directly, I was pleased to find a smooth/rubbery feel to the back of the phone case. I cut the tape along the bottom of the packaging and slid the white plastic tray out of the case. I removed the 1.76-ounce black/lime green case and the small triangular vent mount and was surprised that the black boxy phone vent mount was not in the appropriate slot. Interestingly, the magnetic attachment was strong enough to grab the surface and pulled it into the inside of the phone case.

The 3 inches wide by 5 7/8 inches tall by 1/2 inches thick case had a smooth yet grippy surface upon the back and side panels. The back surface of the case had a 1 3/16 inches wide by 1 5/16 inches tall camera cutout along the top with slightly raised edges. Along the bottom edge, you will find five lime green water droplets. The lime-green bottom panel had a 5/16 inches wide by 1/8 inches tall speaker cutout, a 9/16 inches wide by 1/8 inches tall speaker cutout, and a 1/2 inches wide by 1/4 inches tall box-shaped lighting port cutout. The right side panel (volume toggle side), was mostly black with a 1 9/16 inches long lime green accent section. Within this section, you will find a small 5/16 inches wide by 3/16 inches tall volume toggle cutout and a rubberized volume up/down toggle. The left side panel had a 13/16 inches long lime accent with a rubberized power button. I removed the internal cardboard instruction manual and evaluated the internal surface of the case. The internal lime green layer extended slightly outward and created the upper rim/bezel for the side panels. The internal surface had slightly raised hexagonal air cells, which were designed to help with falls and likely helped with cooling. To complete the vent mount assembly, you will need to slide the small wedge piece into the larger magnetic backing. Once complete, you will notice that the vent mount had four rubberized tips designed to grip/hold onto your vent. Using the vent adjacent to my steering wheel, I pressed the vent mount firmly into the slot. The weight of the mount did not cause my vent to sag until I added the iPhone Xs/AER-SPORT case.

The installation process could not have been easier. I slid the volume toggle side of my iPhone Xs into the right edge of the case and then walked my thumbs around the case. With a satisfying, “click,” the phone rested comfortably within the shell. The dual speaker cutouts, the cutout for the camera, and the lighting cutout proved to be perfectly placed. The boxy shape fo the lighting cutout accommodated every cable that I used, no matter if it was rounded or boxy. I loved the rubberized silicone volume up/down and the power buttons. I found that the buttons did not decrease the function of the phone and were not muddy like cases that utilize harder-plasticized buttons. To further add to the positive aspects of the case, I was pleased that the rim of the iPhone screen was protected from glancing blows by the slightly raised lime green rim. Holding the phone, I liked that the outer surface had a pleasing touch-feel; with a grippy but not tacky to the touch, it was easy to hold. To test the drop rating, I simulated a fall by holding the phone by my ear and allowing it to drop onto my carpet and onto my hardwood floor. After a few drops, I found that the phone/case tended to fall onto the corner/bottom edge more frequently than the cover/back. Happily, I did not find any damage to the phone or to the case.

If I was going to design the 2.0 Setup, I would add a lower vent support arm and wireless charging like the Ventev Wireless Charging Car Kit. I loved that the case allowed wireless charging without removing the case. The current setup worked well on my bedside wireless charging stand but required me to use a lightning cable in my car. I get that the mount was meant as a bonus feature and that is why I merely mention the above features. As a case, the Evutec AER-SPORTS case will protect your phone in style. With the added vent mount, you can enjoy a safer-driving experience. The $44.99 price tag may be a little pricey for a bumper style case, but it is well worth the price if it protects your ~$1000 dollar phone. As I noted above, my only major complaint was that the volume toggle switch was difficult to access.

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