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Eve Energy Strip


An easy way to control connected devices.

We’ve been fighting the battle of connecting devices to our ‘smart’ home for several years now. It started out simple with adding just a couple of Philips Hue light bulbs and quickly escalated to connected light switches and door locks. One of my favorite brands to work with is Eve because they create smart devices that are ‘out of the box’ like environment sensors and one of their newest products, the Eve Energy Strip, which has the ability to take a non-smart item and allow it to join your smart home’s ecosystem simply by being connected.


The Eve Energy Strip is a triple outlet with Apple HomeKit technology integrated. The unit is certified by UL and is the recipient of a Red Dot Design Award (2019). The strip is designed with the highest standards of safety and quality in mind. The three outlets can be independently controls via Siri, the Apple Home app, or the Eve app.


  • Individually control three power outlets with the Home app or Siri
  • Sync devices with your daily rhythm, and simulate presence while out or on vacation
  • Track total power consumption and see the projected cost
  • Safeguard electronics with advanced over-current, over-voltage, and surge protection
  • Save energy by turning off appliances that waste power in standby mode
  • Durable aluminum frame and onboard buttons with LED power status indicators
  • Generously spaced 90-degree outlets accommodate large power adapters
  • Apple HomeKit-enabled for unparalleled ease of use and advanced security
  • Direct Wi-Fi connection — effortless setup, no bridge or gateway required
  • Absolute data privacy — what happens at home, stays at home
  • Through HomeKit scenes, timers and rules, appliances can easily be put on autopilot.
  • See your home at a glance through beautifully crafted and detailed consumption reports on how much energy your devices are using
  • Built-in schedules allow devices to turn on or shut down automatically, even without a wireless connection
  • Enabled to function in Apple’s HomeKit ecosystem, guaranteeing advanced security and privacy
  • Wi-Fi enabled; 2.4 Ghz (802.11 b/g/n)


There are a lot of smart home products that can be a real pain to set-up. Fortunately, the Eve Energy Strip is not one of those items. Out of the box, the instructions are pretty straightforward.

  1. Plug in the strip.
  2. Download the app.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to connect the strip to your smart home.

Because it’s a HomeKit compatible product, you do have the option of adding the accessory through the Home app, but I actually recommend against that in this case. The device will appear in the Home app once you add it in the Eve app so that’s really the best way to go.

The strip was set-up and working in less than 5 minutes in my home. It was a very easy process. I tested out the smart functions of it by asking Siri to turn the outlets off and on. Make sure the outlets have unique names. Otherwise, Siri will get confused. You can see from my screenshots that my outlets are named simply Strip 1, Strip 2, and Strip 3. This type of nomenclature will work, but most of the other smart devices in my home are named after Star Wars characters and locations. So, they will likely be renamed to match. In addition to using Siri, I also used the toggle in the Eve app to turn the outlets on and off and remotely, I used the Home app to turn on one of the outlets that was charging a laptop.

Another big reason you don’t want to ignore the use of the Eve app is because with the app you can schedule on/off times, look at energy consumption of the connected devices along with the projec ted cost per day. This is the reason I would recommend this for users because it’s a value-added feature that some smart power strips don’t provide to you. The information is provided in an easy to read format and if you are concerned about a certain device sucking too much power, you can determine that with the aid of the Eve Energy Strip.


One of the only things I didn’t like about this strip is that it only has three outlets. This is very limiting in my opinion. I just spent the better part of a week rewiring our home office and I had to have power strips that included at least 6 outlets, but most of them had 8 or even 10 in some cases. I would have also liked to see Eve add in USB ports. Even though I will likely hide this strip within a cable box or under a desk, some people might decide to use it as a desktop power source. In that respect, one or two USB ports would be very beneficial for those wanting to charge mobile devices and other smaller USB-powered items.

Would I say that Eve hit a home run with this product? No, but they definitely hit a triple. It’s a solid product, but I can see some definite room for improvement especially at its price point ($99 USD). I don’t think users will be disappointed by the performance of this product, but it has very special use cases. Eve has built an uncomplicated device that can definitely help around the home.

For more information, visit evehome.com, Facebook, or Twitter.

Originally published at https://macsources.com on May 24, 2019.



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