Element iPhone 7 Sector Case REVIEW “It’s not just a case, it’s a statement.”

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I find it very anxiety provoking, to see people walking around with a naked iPhone. This feels even worse when I see them walking around with their device sticking out of their back pocket. I have seen so many people with cracked screens, dents, chips, etc. These devices are not cheap and may be one of the most expensive items that you have at any given time. My wife has been through roughly six smartphones in the past 2 years. They have been stepped on, dropped into a pool, run over by a car, the speaker was chewed by our child, dropped into a toilet used by our child (disgusting), and simply dropped. She has historically used silicone bumpers and screen protectors, but with her newest iPhone 7, we wanted something that was much more protective. She has not typically been a fan of the armor style cases (OtterBox/LifeProof) and the Element case seemed to be a good mix of strength and light weight. I love the customization that the smartphone world provides and that we can choose different cases for different environments. For average day to day use, the Element is perfect for my wife.

The Element Case arrived in a very tech/tactical black matte cardboard box, with a futuristic appearing case on the cover. The Sector case is part of the Adrenaline Series of cases. Along the bottom of the cover, you will find 4 icons, representing the main features of the case: Merc 4 Technology, Mil Spec Approved, Hit Crowns, CNC Aluminum. The reverse side of the packaging further clarifies the icons on the front of the packaging. The Merc 4 technology (Material Engineered Reinforced Chassis) combines aerospace grade carbon fiber and CNC machined aluminum to reduce twisting and bending. The edges are designed to protect your phone using high impact co-molded HIT (High Impact Thermoplastic urethane). The case is incredibly easy to install, using a quick locking crown system. In summary, the case promises military grade protection, in a lightweight frame.

Lifting the magnetic flaps of the packaging, you can see the Element case, displayed brilliantly behind a clear plastic window. The dark coloration enhances the tactical feel and the white verbiage provides a stark contrast to the background. To further support the Adrenaline concept, the left panel displays a rider of a fast appearing motorcycle. Designed from ultra-premium materials, the Element Case strives to provide more than just a “commonplace” case. Removing the case from the packaging was incredibly simple. After you lift up on the clear plastic cover, you can remove the case from the foam backing. Remove the top and bottom crowns from the main body and then place your iPhone 7 into the main body. It is recommended to start with the left side and then press your phone into the case. The included instructions recommend against sliding the phone down into the case. When aligned to your satisfaction, return the top and bottom crowns and enjoy the Element case.

The case measures 2 15/16 inches wide by 5 13/16 inches tall by 9/16 inches thick and weighs a remarkable 1.7 ounces. The back has a black/gray surface with a really neat design. When you move the case, it catches the light and creates a hologram effect. The cutouts for the camera, the speakers, the volume toggle and lightning port align perfectly. The silver buttons for the volume up/down and power buttons are well placed and are quite sensitive. There are four visible screws, along the outer edges, which provide a machined feel to the case. The Element Sector edges project above the surface of the phone and provides protection for the bezels and for the screen of the phone. Whether you use a liquid screen protector, like Kristall, or a plastic/glass version, I would still recommend using a screen protector. The 1.7-ounce weight is incredibly light and does not really add much to the overall phone weight (4.9 ounces). The fit of the case is very tight and would work well for all case colors, to include the jet black. When installed there was essentially no wiggle and no sliding.

We did drop her protected iPhone 7 from a 1-foot height, onto the hardwood floor. We dropped the phone onto each of the edges and flat onto the back of the case. The phone survived without any defects and the case remained unscathed. The crowns remained in place and did not shift. There are cheaper cases, made of cheaper quality materials. However, when spending a small fortune on a phone, why skimp on the protection. It is true that you get what you pay for. If you want a well-made case, from a tried and tested company, look no further than to Element for your case needs. I rate this case at 5/5 stars for quality, craftsmanship, fit and finish.

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Originally published at macsources.com on September 7, 2017.



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