Edifier MR4 Powered Studio Monitor Speakers 2022 REVIEW — MacSources

6 min readOct 12, 2022

MR4 speakers are an affordable, quality option for standard use.

There are a few reasons why someone might want to invest in a pair of studio monitor speakers. Firstly, studio monitors are designed to produce a very accurate sound reproduction, which is essential for mixing and mastering music. Secondly, they are typically much more powerful than regular home speakers, so they can create a louder, more immersive listening experience. Finally, studio monitor speakers usually come with a variety of input and output options, making them very versatile and easy to integrate into any audio setup.

Even though I will often use headphones as my main source of audio output, I do like to invest in a good set of external speakers for my workstation. Over the years, I’ve gone through several different sets of speakers and have found that mid-size shelf speakers — like the Edifier MR4 Powered Studio Monitors — are the ideal option for me. I’ve tried the base model computer speakers that are honestly just a step above built-in speakers and given the size of my workspace and my personal/professional needs, smaller studio monitors work best for me. The Edifier MR4 Powered Studio Monitor speakers are very affordable and incredibly easy to set up.

About MR4 Powered Studio Monitor

The MR4 Powered Studio Monitors are designed to be integrated into a workstation and used for professional audio production. The speakers have a 4-inch woofer and a Class-D amplifier. There are trimmer knobs on the back of the right speaker that allows users to control the low and high frequencies. These monitors have built-in 6.35mm TRS balanced input jacks for direct connection to consoles, mixers, or other equipment.

According to the information on the product found on edifier.com, “the MR4 adopts TI high-quality ADC (analog-to-digital converter) chipset, SNR up to 99dB, with TI digital power amplifier TAS5713, and the use of its built-in DSP to complete sound adjustment, to ensure excellent performance under dual…


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