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9 min readOct 28, 2021

Game in Style

As Covid reared its ugly head and shut down dining, movies, and public gatherings, I found my way back to my Nintendo Switch and to Skyrim. Even though I had previously played the game on the Xbox 360 and Xbox One, I believe the Switch experience proved superior. I enjoyed the ability to play my conjurer/stealth archer character while at the park, while lounging in my hammock, or while reclining in my chair. I enjoyed Samus’ return in Metroid Dread and completed a few missions in Borderlands and Diablo 3. Despite the allure of the portability, the sound quality of the Nintendo Switch left me wanting. I wanted to hear background noises, to hear text, speech, and to enjoy game tracks without ambient noises drowning out the sound. Thus, I turned to a comfortable pair of over-ear headphones from Edifier to enhance my experience.

The Edifier Gx High-Fidelity Gaming Headset arrived in a 9 1/16 inches wide by 9 1/2 inches tall by 4 5/16 inches thick hanging-style retail package. The shimmering silver Edifier name was displayed along the top left, while logos for Hi-Res Audio, ENC, and RGB were displayed along the top right. The Gx High-Fidelity Gaming Headset name was present along the bottom left, while three holographic icons were presented along the bottom right of the panel. Similar to hologram comic cards that I once collected, the three types of interface logos (Type-C, USB, and 3.5mm) added a tantalizing feel. Despite the clean white background and the colorful accents, the main showcase was the large, glossy, slightly raised image of the headset. The glowing blue ear cup combined with the grey-on-black color pallet starkly contrasted against the sterile background. The grey top panel provided the product name along with the bottom and a plastic black hanging tab, while the bottom grey panel listed the Edifier name, EDF700004 model number, Made in China, www.edifier.com address, www.hecategaming.com website, product manufacturing labels, SKU barcodes, and a bilingual sound trauma warning.

The grey right-side panel provided a silver glimmering HECATE (Greek Goddess of Spells and Magic) logo along the top of the panel, followed by two ink outline drawings of the headset. The top image provided a side view and detailed the microphone switch and volume controls of the headphones. The lower ink-outlined image provided a side view of the ear cup plus foam padding, and showed the music/game mode switch and RGB lights switch. Located below the…


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