Dudios Freedots Wireless Earphone REVIEW | MacSources

Enjoy plenty of sound from a petite pair or Dudios Earbuds without breaking the bank!

Keeping up with the Joneses seems to be a lesson that our children experience at an ever-younger age. My eldest son wanted a pair of earphones after his cousin received a pair of AirPods. Now my nine-year-old wants a pair of his own earbuds because his brother has a pair of earbuds. Knowing that they are less than responsible with their iPads and other tech, I did not want to spend money on a device that they will easily lose. Let me be clear, just because the children want something does not mean that they get it. I feel that this is an important lesson that we must teach our children. They can save their chore money, they can make gift lists, and sometimes my wife and I will provide gifts. We have tried to instill into them a sense of value, cost/price, and quality. Additionally, we have worked to teach them that name brand, although popular, does not discredit, disprove, or reduce the merits of lesser-known products. Luckily, companies like Dudios have inexpensive gear that provides much more value than you would expect. For under $30, you will not find a better pair of earphones for the money.



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