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4 min readOct 13, 2021

Become CarPlay Wire-Free with Drive Link

When CarPlay first arrived, I was super excited. I loved being able to use my phone 100% hands-free, but I started getting frustrated with pulling my iPhone out of my pocket in order to hardwire/plug my phone into my car. It’s a first-world problem, I know, but I have impatiently been waiting for wireless CarPlay to become a commonplace feature with the iPhone. Sadly, that hasn’t yet become mainstream, but third-party devices like the DriveLink Wireless Apple CarPlay Adapter have.


The DriveLink Wireless Apple CarPlay Adapter is a small device that plugs directly into your car and connects to your phone via WiFi/Bluetooth. The DriveLink connects to your phone using Bluetooth and then sends WiFi credentials to the phone. After the WiFi credentials are accepted, the phone is disconnected from Bluetooth. The device does require “original built-in factory wired Apple CarPlay” in the vehicle you are connecting to and the iPhone must be running iOS 10 or higher. The DriveLink is will work with CarPlay 2017 and higher and the specs of the device suggest that it may work with CarPlay prior 2017, but DriveLink does not guarantee 100% compliance with older versions of the software. The DriveLink does not require battery power as it operates off of bus power. The device is packaged with a short Type-C able and a user manual. The list below shows all the vehicles the DriveLink is compatible with.

For Acura


For Audi


For Buick

Envision/Enclave/Encore/Excelle gt/GL8/Lacrosse/Regal



For Chevrolet

Bolt EV/Colorado/Cruze/Corvette/Camaro/Equinox/

For Chevrolet


For Dodge

Challenger/Durango/Hellcat Redeye/RAM

For Ford




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