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5 min readMay 1, 2020

Free yourself from fingerprints with the DIAMOND DOG screen protector.

I always try to keep a screen protector on my phone. I’ve had too many ‘close calls’ with my phone not to. Over the years, I’ve discovered though that all screen protectors are not created equal. I personally prefer tempered glass screen protectors rather than film ones and there is one thing that all tempered glass screen protectors have in common — they are finger print magnets. So, what if you could have a screen protector that didn’t collect finger prints? Let me introduce you to DIAMOND DOG Screen Protectors.


The DIAMOND DOG Screen Protector features a patented DiamondClad Diamond-Like Carbon Coating Technology, which is designed to help protect phones and preserve their brand-new look better and longer. The screen protector is designed in Silicon Valley and is lab-tested. The screen protector is custom fit for iPhone models.

“Lab tests show DIAMOND DOG screen protectors provide up to 6 times better scratch protection, up to 5 times more abrasion protection, up to 4–6 times longer anti-fingerprint protection, and up to 3 times better breakage protection.”


  • Protection & Preservation: Ensure the life and longevity of your indispensable mobile device up to 6 times harder and 3 times stronger
  • Performance: Ensure your screen’s optimal performance with natural glass feel and HD clarity
  • Pristine: Ensure your screen’s pristine appearance by fighting fingerprints, perspiration, and abrasion, up to 6 times longer
  • Price-Value: Ensure you pay a fair price and get extra value, with longer life, better protection, and a worry-free limited warranty
  • Peace of Mind: Ensure you’re safeguarding your phone with more than just a protective case

Package Contents: DiamondClad Tempered Glass Screen Protector, Easy Install Tray, Wet & Dry Wipe Screen Preparation, dust/lint removal sticker, and screen polishing cloth


When I first opened up the screen protector kit, I thought, “Here we go again.” It looks very similar to other screen protectors I’ve installed and I got the impression that I was in for a similar experience. When I went to install the DIAMOND DOG, I already had a screen protector on my iPhone 11 Pro. So, I was wondering if it was going to be worth my time and effort to remove the one that I knew worked well for one that might just be ‘ok.’

I pulled the installed screen protector off the phone and carefully cleaned the surface of the screen. The DIAMOND DOG screen protector comes with a cleaning kit that makes it possible to clean the screen really well before you lay a new screen protector down. As it turns out, the previous screen protector had been trapping several layers of dust and dirt particles around its edges. It was gross.

Once I got that cleaned up, I pulled out Easy Install Tray, which is probably the best innovation for cell phone accessories that has come out in the past few years. The tray slides over top of the phone and provides a guide for the screen protector. It allows you to be able to align the screen protector quickly and easily the first time. It also helps users avoid applying the screen protector and having to remove it multiple times to get the installation right.

The next step was to apply the screen protector. I took it out of its protective sleeve and removed it from the plastic backing it was shipped with. Upon first glance, the screen protector appeared to be a solid piece of glass. It looked similar to other screen protectors I’ve used in the past, but there was a faint line going through the middle of the screen protector. It was almost as if someone put a crease in the glass. I’ve included a picture of the imperfection, but it’s pretty hard to see in the photo. Needless to say, I was concerned this would affect installation. Fortunately, it did not. The glass suctioned itself to the surface of my phone’s screen and with the exception of a few little air pockets (microscopic air pockets really) along the side, the screen protector was smooth and well-formed to the body of my iPhone 11 Pro.

So, now I come back to my previous question — is the DIAMOND DOG screen protector better than my previous one? Yes and it’s for one very simple reason. The DIAMOND DOG screen protector does not hold fingerprints. After I had it installed, I played around on Facebook and crushed some candies and then I looked at my screen. It had 0 fingerprints on it. THIS is what sets this screen protector apart from others.


In my opinion, any screen protector is better than no screen protector. DIAMOND DOG’s Screen Protector is a step above the rest because it includes better fingerprint resistance than any other screen protector I’ve used. That makes it an invaluable addition to my phone. The screen protector feels smooth and is barely noticeable to the naked eye. At a retail price of $15 ($30 regular price), I think it’s well worth the investment.

For more information, visit mydiamonddog.com, Facebook, and Twitter.

Originally published at https://macsources.com on May 1, 2020.




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