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5 min readMay 30, 2019

Dazzne D50 Bi-Color LED Lighting Kit


Remarkable lighting for any style of photography or videography.

Any photographer will agree — good lighting is a key element for outstanding photos. In fact, aside from your actual photography equipment, good lighting is the most important factor in capturing great moments. I’ve struggled with finding just the right lighting the past couple of years and that’s resulted in me investing in some less than spectacular equipment. Searching for this type of equipment online — especially through sources like Amazon — can be difficult because you truly never know what you are going to get sometimes. This Bi-Color LED Lighting Kit from Dazzne is amazing and for the cost, you really get a lot of quality from this set-up.


Dazzne is a company that sells professional LED photography lighting. The company is based in Shenzhen and their focus is on providing a wide range of camera and lighting support equipment for photographers. While they have this remarkable kit, Dazzne also sells flashes and triggering systems as well. This LED Lighting Kit features the Dazzne D50 LED Panel Light along with a high-quality lighting stand. The 2-pack includes the 15.4" panel LED that provides bright, but soft light that is perfect for video production, live streaming, and still photography.


  • Lighting:
  • CRI: Ra:>96, TLCI: Qa>97
  • Beam Angle: 120°
  • Color temperature:3000k-5800k
  • Brightness adjust: 1–100% / 1% 25% 50% 75% 100%
  • Luminance: @0.5m 4800lux, @1m 1300lux
  • Power: constant power 45w( 3000K=45W, 5800K=45W)
  • Panel:
  • Operating current: 4A
  • Operating voltage: DC14–18v
  • Dimension: 14*9.6*0.9inch / 355*245*22mm
  • Net weight: 2.2Lb/ 1.01kg
  • Power Supply:
  • Plug-in power cord
  • Battery (not included): 2pcs — NF series battery
  • Remote System:
  • Frequency: 2.4GHz
  • Remote distance: 50m
  • Channel: 48CH(1–48CH) / Group: 6 group( A B C D E F)
  • Master and Slave Function
  • Adjustable Light Stand:
  • Package include:
  • 2 x LED Light Panel
  • 2 x Foldable Light Stands
  • 2 x Power Cord/Brick


I had been looking for a good set of panel lights for some time and finally feel that I have found what I was looking for with this kit from Dazzne. One of the first things I noticed about this kit was how good the lighting stands are. While this may seem trivial, the truth is that there are lots of different styles of lighting stands and many of the ones I’ve seen are flimsy and horribly awkward to work with. Some stands are so bad in fact that I will special order brand name stands just so I am certain they will work for my needs. That said, the stands that come with the Dazzne lights are remarkably good. They are lightweight but sturdy. They are easy to fold up and adjust and they lock into place. Since I’ve been using these stands, I’ve not had any doubts that they will hold the lights securely.

Set-up of the lights is simple. Once you decide on a power source (cord or battery), you just power them on and adjust the brightness and color temperature as desired by either using the controls on the back panel or the remote (sold separately). The lights have an internal 2.4GHz wireless function that connects the two lights for group control. When you have this feature enabled, you can change the setting on one light and the second will adjust automatically to match. I LOVE this feature immensely and honestly, I don’t know how I survived without it for so long.

As far as the quality of the actual light goes, I can’t say enough good about the Dazzne lights. I’ve been incredibly happy with both the amount of light the LED panels cast and the type of light as well. I have a living room area (approx 15' x 20') that I will sometimes take photos in and these LEDs were more than enough to fill that entire room with light. These lights are great to use for tabletop product shoots as well as full-fledged video productions. I love that these lights give you the option of cycling the brightness all the way down to 1% because some lights will only give users the option of 20% as the least amount of light available. Because the lights are ‘edge lit’ they provide a lovely diffused light and you can use them for longer periods of time because of that.


The Dazzne D50 light has been compared by many to the Key Light by Elgato. While Elgato makes a fine product, I would recommend this lighting kit from Dazzne over it because it works just as well (if not better than) the Elgato light and the Dazzne is a much more affordable option. This kit could very well be all the light that you need — for most set-ups.

For more information, visit dazzne.com or Facebook.

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