CZUR Aura Smart Book Scanner REVIEW


CZUR is a high-tech company founded in 2013. They focus on Smart Hardware Solutions and CZUR entered the office equipment sector with a Smart Scanner Solution that was designed to quickly scan bound materials. In 2018, they announced the launch of a new smartbook scanner with side lights called “Aura”. The device scans books, magazine, objects, and any other paper documents at commercial speeds through AI technology. It features their own patented Curve Flattening technology. The Aura can also be used as a table lamp. CZUR released Aura on Indiegogo at a discounted price and it was full funded on December 8, 2018. As of today, CZUR is estimating units will be delivered to backers in March 2019 (click here to get an estimate on your delivery if you provided funding through Indiegogo).


Getting the Aura set-up is pretty easy. As a lamp, you simply have to unfold the arm from the base and plug it in. You can control the lamp manually by pressing the power knob and turning it to determine the brightness level or you can use app control. As a lamp, I felt that the Aura was above average. It has a very bright light and it’s easily adjustable. As nice as the Aura is as a lamp, I was really interested in it as a scanner.


While I definitely appreciate the speed of the scanner and think it’s useful for capturing some types of books, I’m not sure it was ideal for my project. I wasn’t as impressed with the Aura’s performance as I thought I would be and as it turned out, I was able to get the same — if not better results — in less time, by using an advanced scanning app that is available on iOS devices. It’s true that the Aura is a much better option than a flatbed scanner or copying machine, but with the advanced camera systems included on smartphones these days, I think it’s much smarter — and less expensive — to invest in a professional-level app for book scanning projects like this.




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