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4 min readSep 29, 2020

Perfect gift for the techie who seems to have everything

At the time of this review, there are 88 days until Christmas. Although a bit early for a gift review, I worry about another round of shipment delays. Thus, as we approach this holiday gift-giving-season, I encourage people to plan ahead and to consider those must-have items. As we purchase new technologies, new electronics, and new appliances, accessories are sometimes forgotten. As an example growing up, my father had to regularly travel to the local 7–11 gas station to pick up batteries for our toys. Now, in addition to batteries, we must consider having appropriate charging cables for our devices. If it is a quality, inexpensive, charging cable that you “Crave,” I request that you read on.

The Crave USB-C to USB-C cable arrived in a 5 5/16 inches wide by 4 11/16 inches tall by 1 1/2 inches thick hanging retail package. The attractive, pristine, white-color felt very Apple-esque and modern. The bold, black-colored, CRAVE name contrasted brilliantly against the white backdrop. Just beneath the name, you will find “Type C to Type C Cable” in silver font, a small silver-colored icon, and an image of the coiled silver braided cable. The right side panel displayed icons for Instagram, their website, and Facebook, and added a geometric grey/white diamond pattern, which wrapped around to the back panel. The rear panel displayed an exploded image of the cable and detailed each layer of the device: 1. Tangle Free Nylon Braid. 2. Enahnaced protection layer. 3. Dual Layer Sheathing. 4. 5K Bending Lifespan. 5. Aramid Fiber Protection. 6. Lightning Fast Connection. The left side panel, the magnetic flap, provied a small silver icon with 3 ft present within the negative space and again noted “Type C to Type C Cable.” Lifting the magnetic flap, I unrolled the box like a scroll. Based on the outer surface color pallet, I was not prepared for the colorful, vivid beach scene sticker that was present upon the inner flap. If interested, submit your best photo to their Instagram and Facebook pages, #CraveTheAdventure, and they will consider using your phone with their next release.

To the right of the adventurous image, you will find the Crave USB-C cable coiled neatly within a grey plastic shell and displayed behind a translucent plastic window. Upon the surface of the plastic window, they included an icon with eight points of information about what Crave had to offer: American Owned, Quality, Best Customer Support, Best Value, Environmentally Responsible, Leading Technology, 100% Satisfaction, Crave Warranty. I removed the thin plastic shell, and pulled the 0.70-ounce Crave USB-C to USB-C cable from the tray. Fully outstretched, the cable measured 36 1/2 inches long. At each end, you will find a 1 1/8 inches long by 7/16 inches wide USB-C prong. Since the neck segment tends to be the weakest point of the cables, they chose to provide a 3/16 inches long junction section. Gripping the USB-C housing, I bent each section 50 times forward/back and side to side. Coupled with the braided exoskeleton, the neck segments diffused enough of the stress to reduce concern for damage at that point. I gripped each of the plastic housing segments with my left hand, the cable with my right hand, and pulled outward. I was pleased that the cable held firm. The metallic USB-C prongs fit perfectly within my iPad Pro 11″ as well as within the ports of my MacBook Pro 15″, and Nintendo Switch. Coupled with my Apple 30W Wall Charger, the Crave USB-C to USB-C Cable proved to be an invaluable asset to my Nintendo Switch PowerA Everywhere Messenger bag.

Whether you need a USB-C cable in your vehicle to charge your device on-the-go, or a bedside charging cable for overnight power, or you need a lightweight travel charging companion, the Crave USB-C to USB-C cable will not disappoint. Built with surge and overcurrent protection in mind, internal fibers, dual-layer sheathing, and external braiding, the cables should be ready when you need them. I was pleased with the charging capabilities and with the durability of the craftsmanship. I look forward to the day that my Apple iPhone and AirPods will charge via USB-C, so that I can stop carrying USB-C, and Lightning cables. For now, I will just have to pick up a Crave Lightning cable and a few more of their USB-C cables.

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