Cirkul Plastic Bottle and Flavor Sip REVIEW


Cirkul is a drinking system that consists of a reusable bottle and flavor cartridges called Sips. The goal of Cirkul is to provide people with a way to liven up their boring old drinking water without the hassle of a flavor enhancement like Mio or Crystal Light. Sips contain a variety of flavor options for users that are sugar-free (sweetened with Sucralose, Stevia, or natural flavor essences) and have no calories. There are no artificial colors added and the user has complete control over how much is added with each drink from the bottle thanks to the adjustable dial. One flavor cartridge should last for 132 ounces (the Cirkul bottle is approximately 22 ounces), which is about the same as about six 20-ounce beverages.


I was really intrigued by the Cirkul when I first heard about it. I’ve liked flavor enhancers for quite some time but I don’t like the extra steps taken in order to use them. I don’t like that the water enhancers like Mio and Crystal Light are meant to be added to bottled water. This means you end up wasting plastic bottles instead of being able to refill a reusable bottle like what Cirkul provides. Cirkul keeps things easy. You simply add water — bottled or tap — to Cirkul and then twist the dial to your desired flavor level. I love the design of the system because the Sip simply screws into the lid and has the drinking nozzle built-in.


The Cirkul bottle and its flavor enhancements are changing the way I drink beverages. I’ve always liked the flavor enhancements you can buy in the store but don’t like the hassle that comes along with them. Cirkul keeps things easy and I find myself feeling better simply from drinking more water thanks to this revolutionary new way of consuming water.




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