Chargerito Keychain Wall Charger REVIEW

4 min readJun 15, 2018

When you carry a mobile phone, you are constantly worried about it running out of juice. I use my phone constantly throughout the day and almost always have it resting on a wireless charging dock. But, my fiance has an iPhone 7 and its battery drains a lot throughout the day so she has to plug it in at least once for a full charge during the day or she will have a dead battery by 5pm. What do you do if you need to make sure you have a power source ready to charge your phone at a moment’s notice? You get a tiny charging device like the Chargerito.


Chargerito is labeled the ‘world’s smallest charger’ and is available for Micro USB, Lightning, and USB-C compatible products. It’s a tiny mobile charger that plugs directly into a wall outlet. It folds into itself and can be carried in your pocket or on your keychain so you always have a charger on hand. It supports rapid charging and doesn’t have any messy cords to get tangled up. The charger provides a power output of 5V/1A. The Lightning charger is MFi certified and it works with iPhone 5/c/s, 6/+/S/S+, SE, 7/+, 8/+, X, iPad Mini, iPad Air, iPad Pro, iPod Touch 5/6, iPod Nano 7, and Airpods.


The Chargerito came in a small box with a transparent window so that you could see the product inside. There is some descriptive branding and product information on the outside of the package. When you get the Chargerito out of the box, you will find how easily it folds up. The charger is very lightweight and extremely easy to carry around. One of the things I noticed right away was how lightweight the plastic felt. The folding action of the Chargerito is simple and when it is ready for charging, you can unfold it and set your phone (or tablet) on it.

I’ve had pocket chargers before and I really admire the design of the Chargerito. The folding aspect of it is something new to me but it works pretty well. I do think the plastic is a little flimsy. It’s so lightweight that I could see it easily breaking with too much use. I charged an iPhone (with and without a case) using the Chargerito and found that the phone tends to lean on the Chargerito. It’s designed to be sort of a charging stand but doesn’t seem strong enough to hold the weight and stay plugged into a wall out. One of the times I charged a phone using the device, the phone was able to rest on it instead of relying on the ‘stand’ function of the Chargerito.

In addition to the strength of the Chargerito’s structure, I had a couple of consistency problems when using it to charge an iPhone. During one charging session, the Chargerito got very warm (112 degrees — measured with an Infrared Thermometer) and other times it remained cool to the touch (only around 73 degrees — as shown with the image below). I would feel more secure with the Chargerito if I didn’t have instanced of it overheating. The charger works. I was able to gain about 49% battery power within 52 minutes (0.94% per minute) which is pretty quick for a 5V/1A charger. And, with it being so small, it’s a huge convenience to keep a charging option with you at all times. I would just use caution while charging devices to watch for heating issues.


Having a small, charging option on your person at all times is a great idea. The Chargerito can fill that need but I would be aware of how much it heats up while charging devices. The design of this tiny charger is unique and very convenient. The price is comparable to high-end charging cables but you don’t have to worry about the tangled mess those cables can make when this minuscule object is tucked away in your pocket.

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