CES 2017 Smart Cube Interview

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Even before CES 2017, I was excited about SmartArmor, a company that is bringing to market the SmartCube. Back in October 2016, I wrote a review detailing the tech and the promise of a new smart lock. At Pepcom 2017, I was able to meet with the team and able to talk to them about their, device and plans for 2017. Unfortunately, without testing the device, I was not able to garner much additional information. The name of the company and the device detail the function and role of the SmartArmor Cube.

According to the National Poison Statistic Data, in 2014 there were 42.6 poisonings per 1000 population, in children less than 6 years old. This statistic suggests that there is a report to the poison center every 15 seconds. Cosmetics and personal care products lead the list for poisonings, followed by cleaning products and medications (NPDS, 2014). As a father of 3 (7 and 5-year-old boys and 20-month-old daughter), I have tested nearly every child proofing device on the market. Most of the devices work to temporarily delay a child from accessing a given area. Unfortunately, there is nothing that is childproof. Child deterrent is often the most appropriate name for these devices.

The SmartArmor Cube is designed as an interconnected smart locking mechanism. The goal is to “Protect What Matters.” Whether you have an AirBNB, a firearm cabinet, a medicine cabinet, a chemical cabinet, it would be convenient to have a Bluetooth lock that not only serves as an accessible lock but also one that alerts you to an attempted breach. As stated above, deterrents will work temporarily. With enough time, people will figure out the intricacies of any system. Adults are no different.

The product originated in 2015 and In September 2016, Smart Armor raised $432,000 on Indiegogo for the device. The first shipments of the device began in December 2016, with deliveries in January of 2017. Using the Internet of Things (IoT), the company is trying to create a new type of portable security. The Smart Armor cube is the lock and your phone is the key. The device has many promising features: 1–2 year battery life, access from any device, range adjustment, portability, application conductibility. Use the app to view activity, view location of activity, track the area of a single or many smart cubes. You can set up custom profiles, and link multiple smart cubes. The device should be available in 01/2017 for $225 for three Smart Cubes. I look forward to holding and testing this device.

For more information, visit smartarmortech.com
Find Smart Armor on Facebook and Twitter.

Originally published at macsources.com on January 17, 2017.

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