Catalyst Active Defense Vibe Series iPhone 13 Pro Max Case REVIEW | MacSources

As life throws curveballs, let a Catalayst tip the equation in your favor

As I await the launch of the latest iPhone each September, I look to my favorite case companies to protect my investment. Even though many of the service providers have trade-up and trade-in opportunities, the prices of the newest devices can remain a bit obscene. In addition, I have never understood those who carry their naked phones in a back/front pocket or who toss a device into a phone or bag. Personally, I am quite a bit more risk-averse. Instead, I err on the side of extreme protection, opting for Hulk Buster, Total Event Proof Cases paired with a Nite-sIze holster to protect my phone. Luckily Catalyst provides a range of devices for our gear needs, whether you need a waterproof option or an everyday carry option.

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