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7 min readFeb 16, 2024

Protect your phone in style with these unique, fun case designs.

One of the best things about phone cases is the ability to individualize your personal phone based on your interests. There are a lot of case choices out there including those that are licensed for different TV shows and movies. One of my personal favorites in recent years is Rick and Morty. It’s an animated series on Adult Swim and I’ve collected various merchandise that supports the show over the past few years. In October, Casetify, one of my personal favorite case manufacturers released a rather unique set of cases for various mobile products that are focused on Rick and Morty.

CASETiFY is entering the Rick and Morty multiverse with the release of its tech accessories. The adventures of scientist, Rick Sanchez and his grandson, Morty Smith are brought to life in an all new way on CASETiFY’s best selling Impact, Ultra Impact, Mirror, Clear, Bounce and Ultra Bounce Cases. Designs in the collection include fun references to the show including but not limited to character and episode references, multiverse sticker-style artwork, and creative portal graphics.

When I saw the different options available, I knew that I not only wanted one as my daily-use case but that I also wanted to highlight the collection for other Rick and Morty fans. According to the Casetify website, there are a total of 56 different products with Rick and Morty branding applied. I received four of them.

  • Pickle Rick Case (Impact) for iPhone 14 Pro
  • Multiverse Sticker Case (Mirror Case MagSafe Compatible) for iPhone 14 Pro
  • Pickle Rick Snappy Grip Stand
  • Pickle Rick Sticker AirPods Case


One of the most impressive things about Casetify is how far they carry the branding efforts. The packaging for this collection accentuates the merchandise and matches the Rick and Morty aesthetic to a tee. The boxes are primarily black but have various illustrations printed on…




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