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4 min readSep 23, 2020

Wireless charging makes this battery case a step above the others

Over the years, I have spent my time traveling with family, visiting trade shows, or spending my day out and about various locations taking photos. By the end of the day, I always find mu iPhone lacking adequate battery power. This is nothing new for most people who use their iPhones a lot. I started trying to fix that problem by packing a lightweight battery and cable in my go-bag. This is no real big deal but it’s an annoyance that I would have liked to find a solution too. Thanks to Casely that solution is here. They have created the Power 2.0 battery case, an iPhone case that not only connects to outside sources using a Lightning port, but it is also compatible with Qi wireless charging devices. This is a major improvement in battery cases.


The Power 2.0 case is the next generation of battery cases with Casely. It provides up to 100% extra on-the-go battery life. The case has a flexible one-piece design that makes it easy to install or remove your phone from the case. The case has the proper cutouts for the speakers and microphone as well as the mute switch. There is a Lightning port available for connectivity purposes that is compatible with all Lightning cable components. The Power 2.0 Case has a 1.5mm raised lip to provide protection for your phone’s screen. In addition to recharging from a Lightning cable, the Power 2.0 case can also charge wirelessly. The case also supports passthrough charging no matter how you are providing power to the case. The Power 2.0 case is compatible with all modern iPhone models and has a lot of different case styles for users to choose from.


The Power 2.0 Case has a simple, but elegant retail package. It’s black with a silver outline and the name of the product is shown on the front. Using the case is pretty self-explanatory. You simply pull back the flexible top of the case and slide your phone into the base where the Lightning plug is situated. Your phone should click into place and then you can fold the top of the case back around the phone. There is a power activation button that is dual-purpose. If you press and hold it for 3 seconds, the charging will activate on the phone. If you simply tap the button, it will light up the LED indicators that will show how much charge is left on the case. I actually really like that functionality because it means that you are less likely to accidentally activate the battery case while it’s in a pocket or a bag.

I’ve used a lot of battery cases in the past few years and I really think this one stands out because of its ability to charge wirelessly. The flexible one-piece case is remarkable. The battery cases I’ve seen before are usually two pieces, which can get cumbersome to deal with. The one-piece design is much easier to manage and it alleviates any issues with parts not locking exactly into place. All the cutouts are sufficient. I was especially glad that the cut out for the camera did not obstruct the lenses’ view of objects at all. The speakers are not blocked in any way and the Lightning port (which is offset slightly due to the interior Lightning plug that connects to the phone) works very well. One of the other design features I really like is the raised lip. This really helps me out with protecting the screen of my phone. The buttons on the case are also very easy to press and the new Back Tap feature works through this battery case.

The case does add some weight to the phone, but it’s not what I would consider ‘heavy’ in comparison to other battery cases. I also think that the price ($75 at the time of publishing) is a fair asking price based on what other product designers charge for their battery cases. I’m very glad that the case uses Lightning instead of Micro USB as its external port for charging because that makes it compatible with CarPlay. As I mentioned above, I think the real stand out of this case is the wireless charging capabilities. It is compatible with passthrough charging — meaning it will charge the phone before the recharging the battery case — but as a word of warning, the longer it’s on a wireless charging surface, the warmer the case will get.


The Power 2.0 Battery Case from Casely is a great case option in my book. Not only will it protect your phone, but it will also provide additional power for its battery. It’s got a fair price and the design is awesome. I would not hesitate to recommend this case to others looking for a battery case. You can’t do wrong and you never have to remove the phone to charge the case up.

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