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The Case-Mate Protection Collection adds 12-foot drop protection without breaking the bank.

Have you ever participated in an egg drop challenge? The premise of the challenge is to design a container that will allow an egg to survive a drop from a predetermined height. Sometimes the test limits your materials, the weight, or the design specifications, and other times there are no limits. When it comes to protecting our smartphones, many of the same design features are utilized to dissipate the destructive forces. My favorite design utilized cushions to protect the egg. Interestingly, Case-Mate chose to use a similar concept for their iPhone X/XS Protection Collection case.

The Protection Collection Case-Mate iPhone X/XS case arrived in a 4 5/16 inches wide by 7 inches tall by 3/4 inches thick white retail case. Each of the side panels displayed the Case-Mate name and logo in shimmering silver font. The trend continued onto the front cover with the company name and a visually appealing silver border. Along the center of the panel, I was pleased to find a 3 1/4 inches wide by 4 1/4 inches tall clear plastic window. The product name “The Protection Collection” and “Ultimate Protection Never looked so good” was displayed along the bottom of the panel. Despite the metallic silver font, and the 1-inch silver disc detailing the 12+foot drop protection, the cynosure remained the case. Markedly superior to a flat image, I loved the ability to see the matte black border and smokey black backing of the iPhone X case.

The back panel showed a 2 3/4 inches tall outline of the protection case falling upon the lower corner. The labeled diagram detailed the impact-resistant back panel, the shock absorbing energy dispersing liner, the middle cradle, the impact absorbing soft-touch outer layer and the screen protecting bezel frame. The bottom of the panel provided additional information about the two-part installation, 12+ foot drop protection, the anti-scratch technology, and the lifetime warranty. Gripping the 3/4 inches wide by 1/2 inches tall nylon pull tab, the inner drawer slid down to reveal the case. The 1.83-ounce case had a thin plastic pull tab, which allowed me to separate the two pieces of the case. The inner 0.35-ounce bumper slid around the iPhone X and had precision cutouts for the lightning port, speakers, and volume toggle. Once the layer was installed, it slid easily into the outer shell.

Added to the 6.14-ounce iPhone X, the two halves of the case increased the weight to 7.97-ounces. The outer metallic buttons and the volume toggle cutout linked amazingly well with those of the inner bumper. The volume toggle was a little difficult to access, due to the double layer construction, but I was able to get my finger into the port. I believe that a built-in volume knob or switch would have been better. The 3 1/4 inches wide by 6 inches tall by 1/2 inches thick case added a great deal of protection to the iPhone X. I did not drop the phone from a height of 12 feet like the packaging noted. However, I did drop the phone from about chest height onto my hardwood floor. The case protected the phone and neither the case nor the phone suffered any obvious damage. Using a dummy iPhone X, I dropped the case from five, six, and seven feet onto the corners and found no broken glass. I repeated the test at five and six feet onto the back and was again surprised to find no damage. I did not repeat this test above six feet because the chances that my phone would drop from above my head were slim. Since the inner bumper left the back of the phone uncovered, the dual layer case did not add much to the thickness of the phone. The front bezel protected the screen from glancing blows and the rear of the case protected the camera.

Similar to the thin plastic that covers the screens/cameras of our electronics, the back of the case had a thin layer of protective plastic. Make sure that you remove the thin film to enjoy all that the Case-Mate Case has to offer.

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Originally published at on May 30, 2019.