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A tough case with a variety of features to utilize.

I consider cases to be an essential accessory for any mobile device. I know that some people like to go ‘naked’ with their devices, but I’ve had too many close calls to be comfortable with going without protection on my cell phone or tablet. I always look for cases that will provide me with the most functionality along with protecting my device. Affordability is also taken into account along with style. With that in mind, I picked up the Brompton + Folio from Gear4 to try out with an iPad.


The Brompton + Folio is a folio-style tablet case with a detachable cover that also acts as a foldable stand. It’s designed for the 10.2-inch iPad or 11-inch iPad Pro. The case is reinforced with D3O technology — Gear4’s material process that offers the thinnest and most advanced protection against knocks and drops. The technology is used in other materials like helmets, gloves, and other protective gear. Along with the drop protection, the case has anti-bacterial properties that kill 99.99% of the most common surface bacteria. The Brompton + Folio case offers edge-to-edge protection along with 6.5-foot drop protection. The case is made from thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) and it retails for $59.99 (at the time of publishing).

Warranty: Limited Lifetime

Dimensions: 10.16 in x 7.28 in x 0.59 in

Weight: 0.73 lb

Wireless Compatible: Yes

D3O Technology: Yes


The Brompton + Folio comes in a simple, but effective retail package. The front of the package shows off the features of the case and allows consumers to see the product inside. The back of the box outlines all the details of the case along with providing some information about D3O technology. Unboxing the case was very simple. Once you open the outside box, the inner box slides out and the Brompton + Folio case is simply laying inside the inner box shell. All you have to do is pull the case out and it’s ready for your iPad to be installed.

The case is fairly flexible in nature. This makes it easy to install an iPad into it. The cutouts for the camera, headphone port, and Lightning port are adequate for accessing those areas. The button covers are a little hard to press, but it wasn’t impossible to make contact with the power or volume buttons. The edges have a nice bezel to help with impact protection for the screen of the iPad. I like that the cover is detachable and it seems to be secure as a stand. The only thing I don’t like about this is that you can’t replace the cover with a smart keyboard option. This ends up being the biggest hurdle I have with cases these days — they don’t accommodate keyboards well. I had hopes that with a detachable cover this case would fit well with the keyboard I already had, but unfortunately that wasn’t the case.


The Brompton + Folio case from Gear4 is a very nice option to help protect your iPad from drops and falls. The style is pretty classic, but I wish it offered more in the way of compatibility with other products (i.e. smart keyboards). The price seems to be in line with other cases of this style for this size iPad. At the time of publishing this article, the Brompton + Folio is only available for the 7th Gen 10.2-inch iPad and the current 11-inch iPad Pro. I like this case enough to hope that Gear4 makes it available for additional models of iPad.

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Originally published at on August 12, 2020.




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Mac Sources is an Information and Technology Company. We review all things technology-related. Our team also reports on tech news happening in the world. 

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