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8 min readJan 10

Track your expenses efficiently with Bills io.

For many years, I have struggled with keeping track of my bills. I’ve used various methods including Quickbooks, Excel Spreadsheets, various apps, and even pen and paper. Some work better than others but in this day and age, I really want a cross-platform app system that will be available no matter what device I am on. That’s why I’m glad I started using Bills io.


Bills io is a finance planning app that is focused on organizing monthly bills while providing users with a safe, private option to do so. Bills io was originally launched for mobile devices in December 2020 with the native macOS app released in the Fall of 2021.

The app came from an idea that the developer, Nathan Gray, had in 2015. He graduated from college with a computer science and finance background and has always wanted to combine the two. He spent years trying different management techniques for personal finance and finally created his own system, which is now Bills io.

The entire app is written in Swift and SwiftUI for both iOS and macOS. The backend syncing is taken care of by iCloud. The developer opted for using iCloud for syncing so that he did not end up holding any user information. All the data within Bills io is stored within iCloud and not on an unknown server somewhere else.

About the Developer

Nathan Gray has been programming professionally since 2013. His first job was programming for iOS and Android. He’s worked with many different tech stacks but has always had an app available in the App Store. In addition to focusing on the continuing development of Bills io, Gray works in DevOps for Megaport ONE. He likes to have a personal app project in development in order to stay up-to-date with Apple technologies. Gray tracks updates and user requests on a publicly available Trello Board.

Main Feature

  • BILL TRACKING: Organize your bills with tags and track where each bill charges by account. For example…

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