BenQ treVolo S Portable Bluetooth Electrostatic Speaker REVIEW

I have a compact workspace and so any accessories that I add to it have to fit that specific space. I have a monitor as well as a desk stand for my laptop. One thing that I really haven’t found that’s been a good fit for that space is a speaker or pair of speakers. So, when I was presented with the opportunity to review the BenQ treVolo S Portable Bluetooth Electrostatic Speaker I thought it might be a good option for my set-up.


Aside from being an exceptionally compact speaker, the treVolo S is electrostatic which means that it has a distortion rate that is one-tenth the rate of conventional speakers and no cabinet resonance. It delivers a natural, spacious sound from a very small device. The speaker also features dual woofers and dual amplifiers for an exceptional sound experience. If you have two of the treVolo S speakers, you can pair them together for ‘duo mode’. The speaker has a play time of up to 18 hours on a single charge. The treVolo S is NFC compatible and has a Micro USB port for charging purposes. In addition to being a charging port, the Micro USB connector can also send a pure digital audio signal directly to the speaker.


  • Frequency Response: 60Hz — 20kHz


I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing many speakers over the years, but the treVolo S was an entirely new category for me. I have never reviewed an electrostatic speaker so I was excited to see what it was all about. As a matter of educating anyone else who is not familiar with electrostatic speakers, here is a brief summary of what to expect from them.

Electrostatic speakers are a high-tech alternative to magnetic cone drivers, which is what you find in most standard speakers. Electrostatic speakers are flat and use electric current to vibrate a thin membrane sandwiched between two plates. Electrostatic speakers have been around for a long, long time, but are not very common as they are usually used in higher-end audio systems. The treVolo S is sort of a hybrid system that combines the efficiencies of the electrostatic speaker with cone woofers which make up for any deficiencies found within the electrostatic speaker.

The design of the speaker is really quite remarkable and unlike anything, I’ve ever seen before. Out of the box, it’s about the size of a brick. The side panels are folded against the body and it’s packaged inside a secure cardboard formed box. The speaker is packaged with a user manual, power adapter, and sleek storage bag. When you unfold the panels you will see the passive radiators on the side of the speaker body. The panels are thin — less than 1/4-inch thick — and when they are unfolded, the speaker’s width extends to 8.5 inches.

Operation of the speaker is very easy. Since it’s a Bluetooth speaker by design, I chose to connect the speaker with my iPhone. It paired quickly and easily and I never experienced any dropout. The buttons on the top of the speaker control the device it’s connected to, which is a nice bonus. The mode button cycles through the different listening modes including BenQ’s 3D sound mode. I like to think of 3D mode as an exclusive EQ setting. It does make a noticeable improvement including more bass kick. I mainly use the treVolo S on my desk so I was always sitting directly in front of it, but it’s important to note that position is key with this speaker. It sounds different in different positions and is not exactly omnidirectional.

The treVolo S is portable but dense. At 2.2 pounds, it’s more than I would normally carry around as a portable Bluetooth speaker, but under the right circumstances, it’s a great listening companion. It’s very important to note that the treVolo is not water resistant so it’s not a good option for listening around the pool. The sound quality of the treVolo S has been way above average. I love listening to audio through headphones because I feel like their quality is so far above regular speakers. Its sort of like you are inside the music. Well, I felt like the treVolo S was the next best thing to high-quality headphones. The sound is crisp, clear and full of depth.


The treVolo S is not your typical Bluetooth speaker. It features a unique design and provides a superior sound for users — no matter what they are listening to. I love its compact nature and the awesome weight that the speaker has. I can recommend this to those who appreciate high-quality listening experiences. The price is a little hefty at $199, but the quality of the product speaks for itself.

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Originally published at on October 4, 2018.