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Awair Glow C simplifies air quality monitoring and controls “non-smart” devices to instantly optimize your air health

Awair Glow C Brings More Color to Intelligent Air Quality Monitoring

Keeping an Awair Glow C in your home can help you understand how environmental changes are influencing your symptoms and determine what steps to take to get relief. Glow C tracks three key factors that influence air quality — chemicals (VOCs), temperature, and humidity — and monitors changes over time. It takes air quality monitoring one step further by turning on connected “non-smart” devices when one or more of these factors becomes unhealthy. For example, if Glow C senses that the temperature of your home is too high, it will automatically turn on a fan that is plugged into the smart plug. Similarly, if humidity levels become too low, Glow C will turn on an attached humidifier.Users can schedule when Glow C should react to air quality readings and when to conserve energy by customizing their device preferences in the Awair app. Glow C easily integrates into a smart home ecosystem and is compatible with Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and IFTTT. With the growing popularity of IoT technology, Glow C is the perfect solution to create a healthier living environment with the help of voice-command control. Glow C is automatically programmed to show your air quality status at a glance via the LED light, with a green light indicating good air quality, yellow indicating fair, and red indicating poor. Users have the ability to customize their light settings to align with their preferences and desired color palette. The built-in motion sensor can also be programmed to illuminate the light and alert the user via push notification or trigger when movement is detected.

The Awair app provides deeper insight into user’s air quality. Data from all three environmental factors is aggregated into a color-coded and numeric Awair Score (from zero to 100), making it easy for users to interpret readings and take action. The Awair app also learns from the user’s habits and lifestyle preferences, tracking daily air quality data and providing recommendations based on what they’ve indicated is most important to them. These in-app insights coupled with Glow C’s ability to activate “non-smart” appliances makes maintaining optimal living conditions effortless.


Glow C is self-contained. Because it plugs directly into the wall it doesn’t require any cables for power and the light and air quality sensor are built-in, too. With that in mind, the only other thing that ships with Glow C is the Quick Start Guide. Inside the user is provided with some minimal details of the product along with a diagram of the different parts of the device. Setup does require the use of a mobile phone and either an Android or iOS app. The app is free and once you download it, it will walk you through the rest of the set-up.

One thing I want to point out here is that the AWAIR Glow C has limited smart home partners. Under the list of compatible apps & partners in the Quick Start Guide it lists — Nest, Google Assistant, Alexa, and IFTTT. It is not compatible (at this time) with HomeKit.

Because there are three main functions of the Glow C, I want to point out how each one has been tested since I got the device.

  • Smart Plug: Most of the lights in our home are automated through smart light bulbs. Because of that, I had a hard time finding a non-smart device to plug into the outlet to test it out. In the past, I finally found a table lamp that wasn’t utilizing a smart bulb and I plugged it into the Glow. The app was able to turn the outlet on and off manually and I set up an automation. The AWAIR app allows users to automate a ‘trigger’ for the device plugged into it. You can tell it to turn on with Air Status, on a Schedule, or based off of Eco-Motion. Because this is a lamp, I decided to tell it to turn on/off when motion was detected. It worked quite well. This automation feature was new to me and I found it intriguing and useful.
  • Ambient Light: With the light, you have three modes — Air Status, Ambient, and Off. The Air Status light tell you when the air quality is at a certain level. If it’s green, the air quality is good; orange = poor, and red = bad. The Ambient light option allows you to shift the color to any color you can choose within the app’s color wheel. You can also have the light triggered by motion.
  • Air Quality Monitor: I was actually very impressed with the speed at which the Air Quality Monitor started taking readings. After I had the Glow C set-up, I got my first set of readings within a few moments. I love how the app displays the information and that it pairs data with colors so that you can visually tell what state your air is in without having to analyze a bunch of numbers. The app really does the work for you.


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Originally published at on July 24, 2019.



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Mac Sources is an Information and Technology Company. We review all things technology-related. Our team also reports on tech news happening in the world. 