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Autonomous Dreamer Twin Size Mattress


A very budget-friendly option for memory foam.

When my stepdaughter moved in with us we bought her a brand new bed. It wasn’t much, but it was a nice, semi-firm mattress and she loved it because she could jump on it. As much as she likes it, she has still commented on more than one occasion that she likes our bed. Our bed is a memory foam-based mattress and at the time, we really didn’t have the means to be able to invest in a memory foam mattress for her. At the time, there were no affordable options, but now, brands like Autonomous offer budget-friendly, high-quality mattresses of all sizes.


Autonomous offers their Dreamer mattress in six different sizes — King, Queen, Twin, Full, Cal King, and Twin XL. And, while Autonomous specializes in Smart Offices, they applied their same design thinking into creating a line of mattresses that would ensure its owner had a restful night sleep. The premium mattresses use four layers of next generation memory foam to be able to constantly adapt to your body so you always have responsive, personalized support. In addition to support, the mattress also provides a temperature-regulating quilted tercel cover that is machine washable. The cover is moisture-wicking and designed to be kind to sensitive skin. One of the layers inside the mattress is a thermal gel comfort layer. It uses open cell technology to optimize airflow. That, in turn, is paired with bamboo charcoal foam, which absorbs moisture and eliminates odors.

Their goal with the Dream mattress was to bypass a lot of overhead costs so that the consumer was only asked to pay a minimum price. They offer a 30-day free trial and orders are shipped within 24 hours.


The mattress arrived rolled up and compressed into a black nylon bag. This is sort of the standard for collapsible mattresses these days so I was familiar on how to work with it. To expand the mattress, we took the bag into our living room and used the cutting tool that was provided by Autonomous to get through the tape and open up the plastic that was around the mattress. It’s important to note here that you should make sure to open the mattress in an open area because it takes up quite a bit of room and should be left to air out for a while, too. If you have the bed frame you intend to place it on available, you could go ahead and place it there. We didn’t so we chose to open it in our living room.

As we were taking the tape off the plastic packaging that surrounded the mattress, we nicked the plastic and almost immediately, the mattress started to expand. All in all, it only took about 5 minutes for it to fully inflate and to become fluffy. Once it did, my stepdaughter fell backwards onto her new bed.

While it was on the floor, she said she really liked it. In fact, she actually wanted to sleep in the living room that night because that’s where the new mattress was. We ended up moving the new mattress to her bed frame and box springs. She slept on it, but complained about her back hurting the next morning. From my own experience, moving from a standard mattress to a memory foam one can be bothersome to your back. It can take some time for your body to adjust to the way memory foam supports you. We encouraged my stepdaughter to sleep on it for a few nights to see if her body would adjust to it. So she did and after about a week and she decided to keep it.

Her father and I both tried it out, too and thought it was sublime. It’s a very soft mattress with a decent amount of firm support. It kept us from overheating and was quite sturdy. I wouldn’t have any problems recommending this mattress to those looking for a memory foam option for bedding. It’s made very well and if we didn’t already have a memory foam mattress, we would order one for our bedroom.


While this bedding option didn’t work out well for my step-daughter, I think it is a fine solution for memory foam. My favorite feature of the mattress is its price tag. It’s incredibly reasonable and very hard to beat when you are looking at memory foam.

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Originally published at on April 24, 2019.



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