ANKER PowerPort Strip PD 2 Mini REVIEW | MacSources

4 min readFeb 12, 2021

Efficient charging in a compact design.

Before the pandemic, I used to visit conferences and take overnight trips to take photos in different locales. When I did, I would always make sure I had a power strip of some kind with me so that I didn’t have to rely on a hotel’s power options to charge my devices. In my opinion, using unknown sources of power, like built-in outlets in lamp bases or USB chargers that are built into a wall, is just asking for trouble. That’s why I try to take a trusted power strip with me so that I can plug it directly into the wall and then charge from that power strip. This, in my mind, protects my devices from overcharging or being fried by an overused outlet/charger. The PowerPort Strip PD 2 Mini is ideal for this type of situation. It’s compact and provides several different options for charging external devices.


The PowerPort Strip PD 2 Mini provides up to 30W of power delivery in a compact power strip. There are 2 x AC outlets, 2 x USB-A PowerIQ-enabled charging ports that delivers an optimized 12W charge, and 1 x 18W USB-C charging port. This allows the user to charge up to 5 devices simultaneously. The extension cord is 5 feet in length and has a 45º flat plug on the end of it. The entire charging unit provides high-speed charging to connected devices. The charger has fire-retardant casing and safety shutters that prevent foreign objects from being inserted into the outlet making it safe for children.


The power strip comes in a really nice ANKER-branded box. There is no image on the front of the box and the name doesn’t appear anywhere except the back. The box is of good quality, but I would suggest that ANKER consider adding an image of the product to the front so that if it appears on a retail shelf a customer can easily identify it. There is no assembly required or software to download in order to use the PD 2 Mini. You simply take it out of the box, plug it into a wall outlet, and plug your devices in for charging.


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