ANKER Atom PD 1 and PowerLine II with Lightning Connector REVIEW


The PowerLine II Lightning cable is the most durable MFi certified cable for iPhone available. It’s available in four colors — white, black, blue, and red. The cable is tested for strength and can be bent more than 12,000 times. It is approximately 5X the durability of other cables. Because it’s MFi certified it’s Apple authorized for use with any device featuring a Lightning port. Anker is dedicated to providing the best possible customer experience so they provide hassle-free replacement for any quality issues — for an entire lifetime. The cable is 3-feet long and weighs 0.64 ounces.


Before I get into this too far, I want to start by saying that this is now my ‘go to’ charger for my phone. There were a couple of times this week where I had worn my battery down to single digits and I just didn’t have the time in between activities to let the phone sit and wait for it to gain a charge with a standard cable and power adapter. I did, however, have the time for this Anker combo to charge up my phone. I was shocked to find how quickly my phone charged.


I’ve been a fan of Anker products for a while now, but I’m a super fan of this cable and charger. I think that if you have a Lightning capable device or need a 30W power adapter, you should invest in these devices. They are truly awesome and perform like champs.




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