Anker 733 Power Bank (GaNPrime PowerCore 65W) 2023 REVIEW — MacSources

9 min readJul 26

Experience fast charging like never before with Anker’s 733 Power Bank. Boost your devices anytime, anywhere!

My phone is my lifeline. Even though I work from home, there are times that I step out into the world and need to remain connected. Staying connected on the go is an essential necessity for me and I find that watching my battery level decrease brings unwanted anxiety into my life. Therefore, I always try to keep a portable battery with me. While there is no shortage of types and styles, I always turn to the hybrid power banks that double as wall chargers. They are so much easier to deal with and you can always ensure you have a charged battery since you can just plug it into a wall outlet whenever you are stationary. One of my favorite dual-purpose power banks is the Anker 733 Power Bank (GaNPrime PowerCore 65W).

About Anker 733 Power Bank

The Anker 733 Power Bank is a wall charger and portable battery rolled into one product. With it, users can simultaneously charge up to three devices at the same time. As a wall charger, the power bank provides 65W fast-charging for devices and as a power bank, it has a high-capacity (10,000 mAh) battery that can keep devices powered longer (iPhone 14 Pro = 3.125 charges). The charger monitors temperature with ActiveShield 2.0 and devices can take advantage of short-circuit, overload, over-temperature, and over-voltage protection while their devices are charging.

The Anker 733 Power Bank is part of the Series 7 charging series which provides users with the GaNPrime (Gallium Nitride) charging features such as faster-charging speeds, and smaller, more portable chargers than previous models. Like other Anker charging device models, the name indicates how the product is designed to function. The first number — 7 — indicates the series of the product, the second number — 3 — indicates how many products can be charged at one time — and the third number — 3 — provides the tech performance or the output wattage capacity.


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