AirVinyl Leather AirPod Case REVIEW

When Apple announced the AirPods a couple years ago, I knew immediately that I wanted them. Apple’s earphones have always been a good fit for me (I know that’s not the case for everyone) and I was excited that they had such a well-developed product coming to market that I would likely use every day. Since that time, I have indeed acquired a pair and I do use them every single day.

I love everything about them, but I did find one fault with them. The shell case, as compact as it is, gets scratched pretty easily with frequent use. So, I searched for a cover solution for the AirPod charging case and found a silicone wrap that is great for adventure situations but isn’t the most stylish accessory in the world.

As time has gone on, other accessory companies have come out with options to dress up the wireless headphones. One of them is AirVinyl, a company that got their start creating accessories specifically for AirPods. AirVinyl has recently released Leather AirPod Cases that provide not only a touch of class to the earphones but also a layer of protection for them.

The Leather AirPod Case comes in three distinct styles — Classic Series, Pebble Series, and Navy Series. But even though they have different finishes, each of the series of AirPod Cases is made of leather and plastic. The exterior is top grain navy leather while the interior lining is a rigid, impact-resistant plastic frame. The case allows users to have access to their Lightning ports.


I was fortunate enough to be able to look at two different styles of the Leather AirPod Cases — the Navy Series and the Pebble Series. The cases arrived in a fairly simple packaging that is contoured perfectly for a store hanging rack. The case is housed behind a plastic blister package with a cardboard backing. The AirVinyl logo is stamped on the front along with the name of the product.

Once the case is removed from its packaging, you simply slide the AirPod Charging Case inside and close the lid. This action secures the Leather Case onto the AirPod case. When you lift open the lid, the AirPod Charging Case pulls up in the outer covering slightly. This does make it possible to get the AirPods out a bit easier. When you close the lid, the charging case is lowered back into the AirVinyl case. This motion does not affect the Lightning charging port on the bottom of the case. I plugged in a cable to check and see if the cable would move with it and it did.

The Leather AirPod Case seems to be made very well. The leather layer is a covering on top of a hard plastic shell. I wasn’t expecting that (even though it’s clearly spelled out in the product description) and it kind of reminds me of a veneer covering that’s mounted on top of plywood furniture. That said, I can’t really find any faults with the craftsmanship of the case and in hindsight, if the case had been made of 100% leather, it would be hard to take it on and off of the AirPod Charging Case.

Along those lines, the charging case can be removed from the leather case very easily. You simply pop the top off of the top of the charging case and then pull it out of the leather case.


With there being several options for AirPod cases in the market these days, I would suggest users think about the type of function they are looking for in their case. The Leather AirPod Case definitely fills the luxury/protection category for cases, but I’m not sure it would fare well in an outdoor setting. It’s meant more for every day use and not rugged adventures. That said, I really love the design of this accessory and the protection it affords me throughout my usual activities.

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Originally published at on July 20, 2018.

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