Aermoo B3 Earbuds REVIEW

Ever since I was a little kid I’ve enjoyed listening to my own private music collection. I even had a personal CD player with me when we traveled across the country so that I could have my own soundtrack for the trip. I’ve always liked having a good set of headphones for a quality listening experience, but until the past few years, I really didn’t have a concept of what ‘good’ headphones meant. To me, they were always the ‘stock’ headphones that came with a device. I never ventured into the third party manufacturers until recently. Now that I have, it’s honestly opened up a whole new world of devices to me. One of my favorite sets of headphones these days is the Apple AirPods. They go with me just about everywhere and it’s because they are so portable and they fit my ears really well. Many earbud-style headphones do not fit well. It’s more the rule than the exception and so I end up working with on-ear and over-the-ear headphones instead of earbuds, which are convenient and portable. So, I keep looking for a set of earbuds that will be comfortable while providing a fantastic listening experience. I thought that maybe I found that with the Aermoo B3 Earbuds.



Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way — the Aermoo B3 Earbuds come in an accessory-packed box. The front of the box has a vector outline of the product and its main features stamped on it. Inside the box, you will find the earbuds locked inside their charging case, a Micro USB cable for charging, small and large ear tips (the medium set is pre-installed on the earbuds), and an extra set of ear wings. The Multilingual User Manual is located beneath the plastic tray that houses the earbuds and its accessories. The first section of the user manual is written in English. It’s full of information but very easy to follow. I do wish that a quick start guide had also been provided so that you don’t have to hunt through the tiny text in the user manual.

Being that these are separated earbuds (no cord to connect them), the first thing I did was to see how they connected. Some separated earbuds don’t have to be paired with each other before pairing to a device like a smartphone. The Aermoo B3 Earbuds do have to be paired with each other. Fortunately, it was a very easy process. You turn one earpiece on by pressing and holding the multifunction button for 2 seconds. You will hear a prompt that indicates the earpiece is active. Then you do the same process with the other earpiece. When both are turned on, you will hear “left channel,” “right channel,” and “pairing.” Those prompts tell you when they are ready to pair to your phone (or another device). The Aermoo earbuds connected to my iPhone 7 quickly and never once lost their connection.

When I tried the Aermoo B3s on for the first time, I was really surprised by the vacuum effect I felt inside my ears. This, more than anything else, is what caused so much discomfort for me. Even though I could hear the music that was playing with premium quality, I was very uncomfortable. So, I swapped the ear tips for the smaller ones to see if that made a difference. Unfortunately, switch the ear tips to the smaller ones ended up giving me a different problem. They fit better, but the sound quality was greatly diminished because a tight seal was not forming inside my ear. So, as it turns out the medium sized ear tips are the ‘correct’ size for me even though they caused my ears to ache.

The first time I tried the earbuds out I listened to quite a bit of music. I like all different genres and I had some 90s hip-hop mixed with classical tracks like Jupiter by Holst. The sound quality was really unlike anything I’d ever heard from an earbud-style headphone — even my beloved Apple AirPods. They have great depth and when they are worn properly, there are no hollow-sounding tracks or ambient noise bleed. The Aermoo B3s are totally noise-isolating. Someone in the same room as me (only about 8 feet away in fact) couldn’t get my attention because I could not hear them — not one bit — while I had the earbuds in.

All types of music sound great, but streaming video with lots of dialogue is a bit different. The sound quality is not compromised but the volume level is. For example, I was listening to music through Pandora and switched over to Netflix without changing the volume on the iPhone and it seemed as though the volume coming from Netflix dropped about 20%. Now, I did listen to the beginning of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 as it’s one of my test cases for audio/sound mixing. It’s a complex track littered with popular music, dialogue, and sound effects. The mix, in my opinion, is perfect for testing out headphones or speakers as you can tell right away if the track sounds muddied instead of crisp. Everything sounds even and had a good dynamic range to it.


The earbuds are currently $59.99 on Amazon and you can save an additional 15% off when you use this coupon code (expires 12/30/2018): PMVHFMYH

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Originally published at on September 5, 2018.



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