1MORE Dual Driver ANC In-Ear Headphones REVIEW

4 min readOct 20, 2017


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I remember when I first heard that the iPhone 7 Plus would be ditching the auxiliary cord and just having the Lightning port. I was nervous because I have a bad habit of not having my wireless ones charged up and ready to go. Luckily the 1MORE Dual Driver earbuds have me covered. In addition to having an integrated Lightning plug on the cable, these earbuds also have active noise canceling, which is a big bonus to me. I’m always around some sort of ambient noise — at work or at home — and sometimes it’s nice to be able to let the world fade away by filtering it out with ANC headphones.

The 1MORE ANC In-Ear headphones are feature-rich and make for a very enjoyable listening experience. The earbuds are made with lightweight alloys that mimic the style of the iPhone. The metals are fingerprint resistant and very durable. Some of the main features include:

  • Everywhere ANC — reduces a wide range of noise pollution for everyday use (see chart below for ANC comparison)
  • MFi-certified Lightning digital technology
  • 5-in-1 controller for calling, voice control, volume adjustment, and track changes
  • Dual-driver Sound (one balanced armature and one dynamic driver)

The packing for the 1MORE set my expectations high. I was very impressed with “presentation” that it had. Inside the sleeve, the thick cardboard box that they come in had some sketches of the design of the earbuds. I’m someone who is a sucker for good packaging and this one had me sold. Inside the box are the headphones, a case, ear secure pieces and different sized ear pieces. The case is a hard, leather-like material with a magnetic clasp. It’s about the size of a deck of cards which is great that it won’t take up a ton of room in my bag. The shape of it also is easier to put in a side pocket in my purse. Some of the odd shaped carrying cases that I’ve had don’t fit. The ear secure pieces are a bonus to help hold the earbud in place. There are 4 different sizes ranging from 18mm-23mm. There are 4 silicone earpieces (one of which was already on the earbuds) range from 10.5mm-15.5mm. There’s a little silver clip that can secure the cord.

The lightning cable is pretty long but that’s not a bad thing because it allows me to be able to wear them while my iPhone 7 Plus is in my pocket. The lighting cable The color of these earbuds can match the color of your phone. The cord has bungee cord type wrapping but not to where they’re stiff. I like the way the controls are set up. I’m not the best at using controls when they are close to the ear. The control is just one button with an on-off switch. You control is by using different directions. The instructions cover it and are easy to follow. One the box it says that these have dual drivers that help with sound.

All I had to do with these earbuds is plug it into my iPhone 7 Plus. There was no other setup required. The sound quality is very clear so luckily the package reflected the quality. There’s not an abundance of bass with these and they also have a good max volume level. I do think these are very nice and that they are very convenient having the lighting cable attached. Using the controls were very easy to use and actually, they give my ADHD an outlet because it’s just hanging there and the “click” is kind of entertaining. I made sure to listen to different genres of music and podcasts to make sure that they didn’t have any weaknesses. I found the ANC to be very good for earbud-style headphones. I’ve tried other headphones out with ANC but most of them are on-ear or over-the-ear. They provide total isolation, but the earbud style headphones are more open to the outside world. I found that they adequately subdued the outside world, but it wasn’t the same type of experience you might get from headphones that cover your ear.

The 1MORE Dual Driver Lightning earbuds stand out in the many different options that are out there. I also believe that these will hold up nicely if taken care of. I know that auxiliary headphones can be converted into lighting headphones with the Apple Dongle, but honestly having a pair ready to go is much nicer.

For more information, visit usa.1more.com.
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